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June 2022 Rate Trends & Inflation

"Conventional wisdom" via author J. Scott says that in order to reduce high inflation, the federal funds rate (interest rate that the banks lends money to the government) needs to be higher than the

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Just Terminated! Real Estate Real Talk

Yep, TERMINATED! Agents love to share "Just Sold" and "Just Listed" posts, but rarely....actually I have never seen a post about terminated contracts. My goal is to share with our followers and

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Sales & Inventory Data for the Florida Panhandle. What does this mean?

Sales Volume and Inventory for the Panhandle (Jan-May 2022)Inventory and Sales, also called "Supply and Demand" in the world of economics!  We have all been hearing a lot about this in the news

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How much CASH do buyers need to purchase in today's market?

Down Payment + Closing Cost + Negotiation LeverageExample:➜Buyer saves $35,000 cash for purchase➜Lender approved buyer for a loan with 5% down payment➜Closing cost average 3% in your state per

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